* Grew up all over the country, but Kansas is the place I have decided to call home.

* Fell in love with photography about 14 years ago when I started taking photography as an elective course in high school.

* I am a trained professional!

* I have a 3.5  year old son named Carson,  1.5 year old son named Carter, and an 8 year old pomapoo named Layla.

* Graduated from Kansas State University with a BA in Advertising and a minor in Psychology.

* Black is the new black.

* Almost all of my clothing is black. It’s chic. It’s classic. I love it. 

* I have a HUGE family. Seriously, HUGE.

*Love: Macaroni and cheese, chocolate with peanut butter, sparkles and
studs, leather bracelets, Big Sexy Hair, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, 80’s hair band metal, and the sound of a fan at night…

*Hate: Spiders

*Making women feel confident and gorgeous is a passion of mine. EVERY woman is beautiful and EVERY woman deserves to FEEL beautiful!

And yes, I have a bit of an obsession with Marilyn Monroe. She was photographed..like… everyday, and despite the craziness, she was always STUNNING and FABULOUS!


***I was 13 or 14 when I very first tested my “glamour” photography skills. The images below feature my cousins, Madison and Hannah. I did their  hair and put them in matching shirts and this is what I came up with…. (always good for a laugh)***

IMG_8877 IMG_9585 IMG_9756

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